Love at First Swipe

In a technology based world, how do millennials find love? It’s no secret that for a good amount of millennials they aren’t spending so much time actually looking for love… but more time swiping for it.

In 2014, Tinder released user statistics that revealed a shocking truth: the app has accumulated nearly 50 million active users that log in about 11 times a day. For women, an average swipe session lasts about 8.5 minutes, with male counterparts swiping for 7.2 minutes.

According to 2015 quarterly reports, Tinder’s traffic reaches 9.6 million active users each day, with 583,000 users paying for Tinder’s premium paid features. Since it’s no secret that the app has  plenty of users – one thing is still a mystery to most users: is there such a thing as love at first swipe?

For Kent State seniors Kate Schwanke and Sawyer Dilyard, Tinder led to a relationship that has now lasted a year and a half.

Kate and Sawyer explored the world together after love at first swipe.

Kate and Sawyer swiped right a year and a half ago and have since traveled across an ocean together.

“I’m not sure if we would’ve crosses paths if it weren’t for Tinder,” Schwanke said. “We both lived in (the same residence hall) freshman year, so I’m sure we had seen each other in the halls at some point, but I don’t think we would have ever connected it it wasn’t for the app.”

For the two Kent State students, meeting on Tinder is something that they have become comfortable with sharing, although both agree that a stigma exists around the dating app.

“Most, if not all of, my friends knew we had met on Tinder,” Dilyard said. “My parents also knew, which is funny because she lied to hers, and still does, about how we met.”

For Schwanke, telling her friends about meeting a significant other on Tinder was different than telling her parents. She said she feared her parents thinking her new boyfriend was a “creep or loser”.

Twitter poll ran on my personal account revealed that most people don't mind being honest about meeting on Tinder. While a stigma exists, a Twitter poll ran on my personal account revealed that most people don’t mind being honest about meeting on Tinder. When asked ‘if you were to meet a significant other on Tinder, would you be honest about how you met or make up a new love story?’, only 28% of 46 respondents said they would lie about how
they met their significant other.

“My parents are a bit older so they weren’t as aware of the stigma that Kate described…like it or not, society doesn’t see women on Tinder or dating apps as ‘creeps’ and ‘losers’,” Dilyard said.

While both admit there were some nerves involved when meeting a Tinder match for the first time, they are both glad they took the leap of faith and are now nothing but happy.

“I think there is a stigma to dating apps because you are always surrounded by screenshots of creepy messages and hearing horror stories from friends,” Schwanke said. “I think if people are smart and weed out the creepy people, you could end up like Sawyer and I and fall in love.”

Since swiping right a year and a half ago, the couple has studied abroad together, traveling Europe as a couple.

“I will say, I rarely think about how Kate and I met. It’s pretty much irrelevant at this point because all that matters is that we’re together now,” Dilyard said.

Not ready to share your Tinder love story with the world? Don’t worry – I have you covered. Check out the video below for top excuses to use if you’re not ready to sit down and explain Tinder to your parents.

Top Tinder Excuses from Erin Zaranec on Vimeo.


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