Swiping for Social Discovery

When you’re on Tinder – why do do you swipe? Are you on the app for social discovery… or are you looking for love?

If you answered the latter, there are a few key statistics you need to know before your next swipe session.

Who is really on Tinder - infographicIn 2015, Global Web Index released detailed information about Tinder’s demographics. According to the company, the research was “based on interviews with a panel of more than 170,000 internet users worldwide, the largest on-going study into the digital consumers.”

More specifically, the company stated that the Tinder findings were developed from “a recent study of 47,622 internet users 16-64 across 33 countries.”

While most of the statistics were relatively tame – stating that 62% of Tinder users are male, 70% of users are on other dating apps as well as Tinder and that 24% of Tinder users also pay for online dating services – other statistics were quite shocking.

Did you know that 30% of Tinder users are married?

In my last blog post, I reassured you that meeting on Tinder was becoming a new norm – in fact, I even shared that the app has a traffic of 9.6 million daily users.

If this is the case, than 2.8 million married users are logging onto the app each and every day.

In addition to the 30% of users who already put a ring on it, the Global Web Index research states that 12% of users are currently in a relationship.

While these statistics may seem shocking to a user who is on the app looking for love, Tinder CEO Sean Rad once defended the app as a place for “social discovery”.

“When I first started dating my girlfriend, we mutually agreed to delete Tinder,” said J.M., a Kent State student who asked to not be named fully. “But after a while, I realized I was mostly on the app for pure entertainment. I know I’m not about to date these girls or go out of my way to talk to them…so even though I have a girlfriend I don’t feel bad about getting on Tinder every now and then.”

Since reinstalling the app on his phone, J.M. hasn’t told his girlfriend.

“I don’t really know if we would fight about it or not. Sometimes, I actually wonder if I’m going to come across her profile on Tinder. If that was the case, obviously I would tell her,” J.M. said.

For most college students I spoke with, the app doesn’t seem to be a serious investment in their time. When Thirty Tinder users say why they are on Tinder asking 30 Kent State students why they are on Tinder, more than half of the respondents placed entertainment as their top reason for using the app.

While Tinder may be used for social discovery, it does seem deceiving that you could be swiping on someone who is laying in bed next to their spouse. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think going exclusive means deleting your Tinder or would you be okay with your significant other swiping for ‘social discovery’?


All graphics created by Erin Zaranec

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