Swipe The Vote: Tinder gets political

By now, if you’re on dating apps you’ve got the definitions down pat. Left is for reject, right is for ‘hey, let’s hang out one night!’. Outside of the dating app realm, though, left and right still have larger connotations, and one that should be on everyone’s mind this year: politics.

In March 2016, Tinder made headlines with it’s Swipe The Vote feature during the primaries. While users weren’t matching with a political candidate, per-say, a right swipe directed users to a quiz that allowed them to swipe on hot topics in the realm of politics and find out which candidate their values matched with most.

With the election less than two weeks away, Swipe The Vote is back in full force. A collaboration between Tinder and Rock The Vote, users can learn more about which candidate best matches their political mindset. At the end of the quiz, users are given a percentage match with candidates and can share their results via Twitter if they choose.

When swiping through a typical user feed, the Swipe The Vote quiz appears amongst every few names – encouraging users to learn more about their political beliefs. A left swipe prevents you from taking the quiz, while a right swipe or profile click directs you to a quick, seven question quiz hosted by wedgies.com.

Topics include taxes, immigration, guns, climate change, college tuition, the Affordable Health Care Act and minimum wage. According to Tinder, all responses are kept anonymous and data is not logged with your user profile.

Not sure which way to swipe? Tinder provides a blue question mark option that allows users to learn more about a given topic before swiping a response.

The United States election has been a global phenomenon, with citizens from across the world taking a stand on who our next president will be – even if they can’t cast a vote. Tinder opened the Swipe The Vote quiz to 15 countries, including Japan, Germany, France, Mexico and India.

Is Tinder a place you would go to for clarification on your political views? Swipe The Vote and let me know!


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