#AllTypesAllSwipes for all genders

When it comes to gender, we live in a world where the definitions of male and female are not black and white. The gender spectrum fills in the gray space, encompassing more than 30 gender classifications, including transgendered, bigender, non-binary conforming and androgynous.

In early November, Tinder created the #AllTypesAllSwipes campaign, introducing 37 gender options for Tinder users. The new feature was unveiled on the company’s official blog, in a post explaining the app’s desire to be all inclusive and to allow everyone to have the opportunity to meet new people.

According to the blog, Tinder consulted with Nick Adams and Alex Schmider from GLAAD’s Transgender Media Program and Andrea James, a filmmaker and trans advocate.

Users have the option to go into their account settings and select from ‘Male’, ‘Female’ or ‘More’ as a gender classification. The ‘More’ option enables a search feature, allowing users to search for a term that best describes their gender identity. Users can also choose to hide their gender classification from their public profile.

While #AllTypesAllSwipes seems to be putting Tinder on the forefront of a social issue, the app has previously been criticized by the transgender community. Members of the transgender community claimed to be reported by other users after revealing their gender identities, resulting in being kicked-off the app.

Tinder isn’t the only social platform promoting inclusivity. In 2014, Facebook unveiled a new gender feature allowing users to select from 51 gender identities for their public profile. As of May 2016, Facebook users in the UK have 71 gender options to choose from.

While introducing an inclusive community and allowing users to express an individualized gender classification is a good move for the company, do you think Tinder is introducing the feature too late for this to be considered progress?


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