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Erin Zaranec, Swiping Through Senior Year Blogger

I stumbled into the chaotic world of 21st century dating on accident. As a previous relationship veteran of nearly four years, I constantly mocked my friends for swiping their way to free dinner dates and awkward exchanges in bars… until about 8 months ago, when I found myself choosing the best profile picture that would ensure at least a few right swipes. Now, I’m just a college girl trying to swipe my way to a man that has a French Bulldog I can dog sit a few times before my boredom wears off. In my 22 years of life, online dating has been the funniest, scariest and most painfully awkward thing I’ve done thus far. A senior public relations major at Kent State University, looking for love online is my last big adventure before graduation in May 2017. Follow me through all the hand cramps I get as I swipe my way through senior year!

About the blog 

Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, even Coffee Meets Bagel. When it comes to online dating and dating apps, the options are endless. Swiping through Senior Year is a collection of information about the latest and greatest when it comes to the daunting world of digital dating. While you won’t be getting the juicy details of any of my Tinder dates, you’ll learn about new features introduced on dating apps, any hot topics that are catching headlines and how to up your swipe game. No swiping here.. click to my blog to start learning more! 

Disclaimer: All entries are based on personal experiences and research, conducted by a heterosexual female using dating apps.

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